SGA Ficlet: Scarf

Wow, back in July I certainly didn't think it would be three months before I had time to post again! Since then I've been out of the country for two and a half weeks and had five sets of houseguests (!) and a killer sinus infection.

But I'm all better now and I finished a little story, hurray!

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Meta: use of the word "unholy" in fanfiction

The use of the word "unholy" in SGA fiction has been intriguing me for a while. I was curious enough to search my computer for every instance of that word. It appeared in 11 of the McKay/Sheppard stories on my hard drive, as well as a few comments-to-stories and authors' intros.

It didn't occur in any of the non-SGA stories on my hard drive, which include a few dozen Star Trek: Voyager stories and several hundred Emergency! stories (the paramedics-in-LA show from the 70s). Obviously that is in no way a scientific sample, but I was a little surprised not to find the word ever used in E! fic because serial killers and firefighter-stalking rapists are standard fare in that fandom. I've even read a novella about firemen turned devil worshippers. There are lots of texts in E! fic where the word unholy would fit pretty easily, but instead, it keeps popping up in SGA.

So I decided to look at all the examples I had from SGA (just the fiction, not the comments or author notes) and see if I could discern any patterns. These are all McKay/Sheppard because that's pretty much all I read or save.

Further discussion below the cut. There are quotes (potential spoilers) from the stories listed below. Personally I think the spoilers are extremely minor for 9 of the 11 stories, but YMMV.
Danvers, Fell in Love with a Girl
kHo, A Soldier and a Coward
LadyCat, Condescending to Earth [serious spoilers]
LadyCat and Yin, Liberty
Pru, Bell Curve
Sheafrotherdon, Bound by Will [serious spoilers]
Sheafrotherdon, Skies to Conquer, Gave Us Wings
Spacebabe, Viva Las Vegas
Speranza, Kid A
Wojelah, Where We Ought to Be
Wolfshark, Completely Necessary

I don't think I've said anything here that could qualify as criticism of anyone's writing, but if any of the authors whose work I've discussed feel criticized, I apologize. I just find it fascinating how language changes over time and how communities create new words or new meanings for old words.

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Back in the saddle

After seven years away from fandom, semielliptical lured me back with DVDs of the first season of Stargate: Atlantis. It worked brilliantly! (At one point she used the word "mainlining" to describe my consumption of McKay/Sheppard stories. Not sure if she was worried or impressed.)

Since then I've been astonished by the incredible number of talented and brilliant people writing utterly wonderful stories in this fandom. Brava to you all. You are amazing.